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We can also train professional dancers. We offer lessons to professionals in;

• Ballroom

• Latin

• Sequence

• Rock and roll

• Disco

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Professional dancers

When you are looking for an established school of dancing, skilled in all types and genres of dance why not talk to the Keal School of Dancing? Established in 1983 by Heather Keal, we were originally known as the Heather Keal School of Dancing, this was later taken over by her son David and the first name dropped to become the Keal School of Dancing. As a fully trained professional dance teacher, David is well qualified to train in all kinds of dance genres.

For professional dancing classes and much more talk to the talented team at Keal School of Dancing in Portsmouth

023 9232 4212 or

07711 504 922

Keal School of Dancing

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F.I.S.T.D.  Cert.D.Ed.  Sequence

L.I.S.T.D.  Cert.D.Ed.  Dip ii  Ballroom

L.I.S.T.D.  Viennese Waltz

A.I.S.T.D.  Cert.D.Ed. Dip iii  Latin American

Cert.D.Ed. Disco Freestyle

Cert.D.Ed.  Rock n Roll.